Enjoy looking at some examples of work produced by our students during lockdown:

Composition by Theo Bolliger (year 8) helped out by his sister on piano.

Joshua Abraham 7D and his family performing a great rendition of the 'Cup Song' challenge!

Arjun Lal (year 9) responded to the performance challenge, and recorded himself playing this selection of Marvel themes on piano.

A number of QMGS pupils participated in this lock down project recorded by Mr Dewhurst our Brass Teacher.

Thomas Baldwin composition

Thomas Baldwin (8G) responded to the composition challenge & composed this piece on Garage band software. 

Samraj Ojelay

Samraj Ojelay (7A) composed this piece for Keyboard.

Nishan Siddique

Sahib Rangi (7M) responding to the 'composing using household implements challenge.

Nishan Siddique (8D) responded to the composition challenge and composed this piece for Keyboard called' Return Of The Hero'. 

Jonathan Peacock (yr 10) recorded himself playing Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag

Bill Wong piano performance

Erwin Paul (8D) and his family responded to the 'compose a piece using only household items' challenge!

Bill Wong (9P) recorded himself playing Beethoven's 1st Movement Sonata in Fm in response to the performing challenge.

Adam Guild (8D) composed this piece for guitar in response to the composition challenge. 

Ewan Cutts  (9M)  responded to the performing challenge and sent us this great violin solo. 

Zoravar Kochar (7G) responded to the composing challenge by composing this great piece using Garage Band software on iPad.