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All Year 7 pupils participate in what we call 'the Year 7 instrumental project' which lasts for a whole year. Every pupil gets a musical instrument loaned to them 'free' for 12 months. Pupils have the choice of either a clarinet, trumpet, trombone or baritone. During the 12 month course, they learn basic instrumental technique and how to read musical notation alongside their other class mates. Pupils are encouraged to take their instruments home to practice and it is hoped that many will then opt to continue into year 8 and beyond. Music lessons are very practical, very noisy and hopefully a lot of fun!

Have a look at the gallery & video sections of our website to see some of our year 7's in action.

In year 8 pupils have one 50 minute music lesson/week. The year consists of 3 main projects (Blues, Scales & Musicals) each consisting of a variety of performing, composing, listening & appraising and homework tasks. 

In year 9 pupils also have one 50 minute music lesson/week. The year consists of 3 main projects (Reggae, Film Music & final end of KS3 project) each consisting of a variety of performing, composing, listening & appraising and homework tasks.


Differentiation is at the heart of all that we do. We recognise that in each class there will be a huge range of musical abilities and it is hoped that all pupils will be able to progress and realise their potential.

In year 10 & 11 there is an option to study GCSE music. We currently follow the Edexcel GCSE course which is weighted as follows: 30% composing, 30% performing, and 40% study of 8 set pieces leading to a final written exam. We recommend that for pupils opting to study at GCSE level that they are at least grade 3 or equivalent on their instrument by the end of year 9.  

In year 12 & 13 there is an option to study A level music. This is currently offered as part of a MAT subject block and pupils travel to Aldridge school to have their A level music lessons. They currently follow the OCR exam board. It is recommended that pupils are at least grade 5 or equivalent on an instruments at the end of year 11 if they wish to pursue A level music. 

Pupils have the opportunity to participate in any of our extra curricular musical ensembles in any year. Please see the wide range of opportunities on our extra curricular Tab at the top of this page. 

There is also the opportunity for pupils to learn a musical instrument from one of our visiting instrumental teachers. Please see the list of instruments we offer under the instrumental lessons TAB at the top of the page. 

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